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Naturally, all tennis courts will suffer wear and tear over the years. A good maintenance regime will prolong a courts life, but eventually resurfacing maybe be required. For existing Tennis Courts that have deteriorated, either through use or insufficient cleaning and maintenance, we offer Promac porous macadam. Whether you are looking to change the surface of your tennis court or replace a worn or damage surface you can count on Pro Sport Surfaces.

When the time comes to resurface your tennis court, this might be the time to change the type of surface you have. From hard court to clay, from clay to carpet / artificial grass. We also build tennis courts for private individuals. A tennis court can be a valuable asset to your home, adding value to your property or simply as a convenience when playing and tennis training.

We will always inspect the court first, making sure that resurfacing is necessary and assessing site access. Contact us today to arrange a visit.

Hard Court Resurfacing

Macadam tennis courts deteriorate over time causing a break up of the court surface which can lead to injury and inconsistent play. As mentioned above, regular maintenance will slow the need for resurfacing but eventually a new surface will need to be applied. Usually a single new layer of Promac porous macadam will be enough to repair existing deterioration without costly repair, occasionally we find courts that have been neglected for too long or used improperly and more work may need to be carried out. Either way we can restore and repair your tennis court to look and play like new.

This court resurfacing process relays, repairs and renews an existing tennis court so it is as good as new. Once the Promac process has been completed and cured (this takes approximately 2-3 weeks), the surface will be ready for colouring if required.

Artificial Grass Resurfacing

We ensure a maximum life span of your tennis court by using only the best materials on the market. As with hard courts regular maintenance can prolong the life span of your artificial grass tennis court but eventually resurfacing will be required. The average life span of an artificial grass tennis court is between 10-15 years. This of course depends on usage levels. Private tennis courts often last longer as usage is lower ( as long as they are regularly maintained ). Artificial grass tennis courts will become compacted over time which reduces grip and affects play so to avoid injury and get the best out of your game resurfacing is highly recommended. If the court base layer is solid and without dips and troughs / undulation often the top layer only needs replacing. If you need advice please do not hesitate to call us. We can arrange a site visit and provide advice and a free quotation.

Artificial Clay Resurfacing

Synthetic clay is a very popular alternative tennis court surface across the UK. Artificial clay courts are a sand infilled carpet surface that replicates the feel of a real clay surface. Also, the look can be replicated by using a coloured infill that matches real clay. Bounce and pace and player slide are considered almost identical to real clay.

Clay surfaces are low-maintenance and a cost effective solution when compared to real clay tennis courts. Traditional clay needs extensive and regular maintenance which becomes expensive.

Family Run & CSCS Certified

Our family orientated company prides itself on delivering the highest possible standard of construction. With over 35 years of experience in the business, our team will oversee every job from the planning stages to the finished product. All foremen that work on-site are CSCS certified and maintain a high standard of workmanship.

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Maintenance Services

Oftentimes, a court in need of love can be restored without the need for complete resurfacing. The appearance and playing characteristics of a courts surface can be restored through a variety of routine maintenance procedures.

For instance, Macadam courts may be colour spray coated, which not only provides an up-to-date look, but can also enhance the playing qualities of the court in the process. For artificial grass and clay courts, regular pressure cleaning of the surface can be undertaken to uphold its quality and prevent the build-up of moss. Our maintenance procedures are designed to maintain the appearance of the court, restore playing speed, bounce regularity, enhance grip and prolong the life of your playing surface.

Tennis Court Construction

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