Artificial Clay Tennis Courts

We build and maintain artificial clay tennis courts for private individuals, schools, colleges and sports clubs across Sussex, Kent and the South East.

It looks like clay, slides like clay, plays like clay

Synthetic clay is a very popular alternative tennis court surface across the UK. Artificial clay courts are a sand infilled carpet surface that replicates the feel of a real clay surface. Also, the look can be replicated by using a coloured infill that matches real clay. Bounce and pace and player slide are considered almost identical to real clay.

Synthetic Clay is suitable for uses both indoors and outdoor Tennis courts, as well as Multi-Use Game Areas. It generally requires very little maintenance and drains well, although some factors such as court type and location can have a slight impact on this. Even shortly after rain, these courts can see play resume very quickly. Synthetic clay comes in two colours – red or green. It has proven to be popular with many of our clients due to the all-weather playability of the surface, more enjoyment and fewer injuries (Synthetic Clay tennis players can slide, allowing them to play for longer and as often as they like without over-stressing the knees, back and lower extremities).

Tennis Court Maintenance

Synthetic clay courts generally only need to be brushed once a day. No other maintenance is required. Brushing helps redistribute the top dressing more evenly and prevent compacting in certain areas._self

Family Run & CSCS Certified

Our family orientated company prides itself on delivering the highest possible standard of construction. With over 35 years of experience in the business, our team will oversee every job from the planning stages to the finished product. All foremen that work on-site are CSCS certified and maintain a high standard of workmanship.

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