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In addition to standard padel tennis options of the highest quality, we also offer panoramic and pillared courts, along with energy-efficient LED floodlight systems to enable matches all year round. For further information about new padel courts and upgrades, we invite you to contact us today for no-obligation expert advice and a free site survey.

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What is Padel Tennis?

Padel tennis is a hybrid sport – think of it as a mix of Tennis and Squash. It’s quick and easy to learn, taking most around 30 minutes of play time to fully understand the rules and begin enjoying the game to its fullest potential. In Padel, unlike Tennis, strategy rules supreme over strength, power and speed.

Shots are played either before or after the ball bounces off of the surrounding rebound walls. This establishes a heightened intensity of play.

Padel Tennis Popularity

Every week, more than three thousand people play padel tennis around the UK. According to the governing body for this innovative and exciting racket sport, the headcount of regular participants looks set to increase. Now part of the prestigious LTA (Lawn Tennis Association), experts see this popular game going mainstream and becoming a preferred choice.

However, the total number of padel courts available to British players is still less than one hundred. Given the significant size of the leisure market and the importance of personal fitness, the time is ripe for sports facilities to make the most of this opportunity and bring the new game to a broader market.

Padel Court Conversion

Understandably, those tennis clubs that have limited space and hectic schedules might not relish the challenge of building new courts. Nonetheless, there are now options to convert standard tennis installations into fully-specified padel courts with relative ease.

In 2012, the Padel Federation issued international specifications and standards for courts. The design includes rebound walls behind the players, similar to those in squash. Although some fittings and work are necessary to convert existing tennis facilities, it is quite straightforward to adapt them for padel play and meet the different specifications. Furthermore, flexible mountings allow rapid set-up and removal as and when required. It is possible, therefore, to remove and store the portable fittings to accommodate tennis matches if necessary.

A space-saving option, padel court conversions are also cost-effective because they require only minimal groundwork. Thankfully, their simplicity reduces outlay and, because the structures are movable, the tennis club, leisure centre or other sports facility can grow its customer base, boost revenue and minimise commercial risk.

Padel Court Construction Features

Significantly, the portable posts we supply for padel tennis courts feature either square or circular cross-sections to match the existing fittings. Preparations before the first practice session or match involve setting up the net, which is as easy as positioning and anchoring the pair of posts using a solid block and screw arrangement. Finally, adjust the tension of the net using the easy-to-operate mechanism built into one of the posts.

Designed for simplicity and rapid, easy deployment, you can rely on our padel tennis fixtures and equipment to meet the needs of even the most demanding players, while still retaining portability.

Padel Court Dimensions

A padel court is 1/3 of the size of a tennis court. It’s 20 metres long and 10 metres wide, with glass rebound walls situated behind the players. Either side of the net the walls are made of metal mesh, which also makes up the rest of the court structure to prevent balls from exiting the court.

In the middle of the court, there is a net which can stand at a maximum height of 92cm.

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