Hockey Pitch Construction and Re-Surfacing

Serving Sussex, Kent & the South East With a Bespoke Service

We construct synthetic hockey pitches and offer hockey pitch maintenance and resurfacing services. including repair and re-colouring. From private individuals , coaching and practice areas to championship-level installations, come to us for beautiful surroundings, premium surfaces, crisp white lines and top quality work.

We offer extensive choice when it comes to your new Hockey pitch that range from sand based facilities to elite top specification surfaces. Wether you are looking to resurface your existing hockey pith or are looking for a new build we can handle the job in hand from start to finish.

Family Run & CSCS Certified

Our family orientated company prides itself on delivering the highest possible standard of construction. With over 35 years of experience in the business, our team will oversee every job from the planning stages to the finished product. All foremen that work on-site are CSCS certified and maintain a high standard of workmanship.

Surface Types

Hockey is played on a variety of surface types but in the UK the preferred surface is an artificial turf.The pitches consist of a synthetic fibre carpet as the surface laid over a ( or bonded to ) a shock pad sub layer to absorb force. The shock pad/ elastic layer is laid /onto an engineered sub base.The binding / sealing payer may be impervious or pervious depending on the design.

Sand Filled Hockey Pitches

Sand filled pitches are made of woven carpet or tufted synthetic yarn between 19-25mm pile. This is supported by the addition of sand to get the maximum pile depth necessary.

Sand Dressed Pitches

Sand dressed hockey pitches are again made of a woven, tufted or knitted synthetic yarn of 16mm-20,, pile. This is partly supported by the addition of sand up to 80% of pile depth.

Water Based Hockey Pitches

Water-based Hockey pitches have a dense pile of a shorter length compared to dressed hockey pitches. With a water-based pitch it is important that they are kept wet continuously as the water is what acts as the wearing factor and effects the playability just like the sand on a filled or dressed pitch.

Hockey Pitches
New Tennis Court

New Build Construction

A straight forward, no-nonsense and competive sports court solution Pro Sport Surfaces is a specialist construction firm in Multi Use Sports Courts (MUGAs) and Tennis Courts. We offer a complete design and building service for new courts, as well as Resurfacing and Re-colouring existing courts. All new builds will start with a consultation process and site visit, in which we can assess your requirements and look into the specifications and any issues that need to be considered in order to achieve the highest quality construction. With your input, we can …

Sport Surface Resurfacing

Pitch Resurfacing

Renew and reuse even the most damaged of courts. All courts will suffer wear and tear over the years. A good maintenance regime will prolong a courts life, but eventually resurfacing maybe be required.

For existing Tennis Courts and Multi Use Sports Courts that have deteriorated, either through use or insufficient cleaning and maintenance, we offer Pro Sports Macseal. This court resurfacing process relays, repairs and renews an existing court so it is as good as new.

Court Maintenance

Pitch Maintenance

Pro Sports Surfaces offer a complete and professional court cleaning service. We use eco-friendly perennial weed and moss treatments to reduce pollutants from returning. The cleaning process can take up to 2 days, dependent on how much moss and dirt has been accumulated over time. We also offer repairs to minor damage, relining and repainting where the original colour has faded. We can provide a one off maintenance visit, or devise a longer term care package that keeps your sports area in tip top condition. Call us now for a consultation.

Football Pitch Floodlights

Sport Ground Fencing & Lighting

Pro Sports Surfaces offer fencing and lighting for new and existing courts. PA System Fencing and incredibly durable and well suited for high security environments Zaun / Rebound Board Fencing ideal for use with Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) and other sports pitches that are likely to obtain high impacts from footballs, basketball, tennis balls and hockey balls.

We repair, resurface maintain and install pitches and courts for several sports. Click on a section below to read more about our surfaces

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